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Surf N' Wear Beach House has been serving the spirit and romance of surfing since 1962. The shop first opened in Summerland, CA just four miles from The Queen of the Coast, Rincon Point. Needless to say, the shop was closed when the surf was up. Over 50 years later we’re still serving the same surfers and their families, although we don’t close for waves these days.


The Beach House Online

Showcasing a small portion of our clothing products available at the physical location in Santa Barbara, California. We will continue to add more products as time goes on so stay tuned...


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Reynolds Yater

Reynolds “Renny” Yater was one of the first commercial surfboard builders of the 1950s, a generation that put surfing on the map. As the sport of surfing has continued to grow and flourish throughout the years, so too has Yater’s reputation as a leading contributor to the surfing industry. Perhaps even more remarkable than Yater’s early accomplishments has been his ability to change and grow with the industry, staying on top of current trends and new materials and continuing to produce innovative new boards....


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Hats, sweatshirts, tanks, onesies... we have it all. 


The Brands



Serving the surfing community since 1962.


Surfboards, SUP, wetsuits

For more information, call the Beach House. 


Summer Surf Camps

Santa Barbara Surf Adventures

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The Shapers

Anderson, Pyzel, Yater and more...

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The Boards

Modern & Vintage Boards. Call us!


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